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Welcome to my personal page. I appreciate you stopping by, I hope to inspire you with my experience and to be of service to you. My intention here is to share the importance of digital marketing education and be aware of various online business opportunities for you to be able to cope with advancing digital age. And to inspire you to see your potentials in becoming the greatest version of you and learn how to create a whole new life that is filled with  happiness and fulfillment.

Hi! I am Rin Fukushima, 42 years old, naturalized Japanese. I was a natural-born Filipino named Jacquelyn Sy. I am comfortable speaking in Tagalog and Japanese, having difficulties in English. I don’t have a college degree or a stable job as I introduce myself to you but please let me share the valuable lessons I have learned and how my l(chaotic life turned into an almost-perfect one) life became like a fairy tale. 

I was born in complicated family, with a Chinese father and a Filipino mother, eldest among five siblings. I lived in Japan for 19 years, and I have two daughters who are now 19 and 16 years of age. Since birth until my 39th, life was like in a spell of curse. Life before and after divorce with Japanese spouse, living in country side surrounded by critics was very hard, I even attempted suicide. As a single mother with two kids, I had to work full-time in  electronic company and a hostess at night in a bar. I never got child support from my ex-husband.  My two small daughters were left by themselves at home while I was working at night and during weekends. Year 2015, my eldest daughter was diagnosed with malignant skin cancer. My world stopped and I couldn’t bear too much pain in my heart and soul. Having complicated family, failed relationships, unfulfilling jobs, and family health issues caused me depression,panic attacks and self-damage. 2016, I learned to live with things that are beyond my control. During the same year, I started self-discovery and started life-changing actions. First, I blocked or unfriended toxic people around me( you know, people who are happy putting you down, people who bully, mean, and people who are laughing watching you struggle). My second action was, I looked for spiritual nourishment. With only these two actions, my life surprisingly changed beautifully. I’ve met lots of wonderful people who became my friends, I met my husband and we are happily living together, my eldest daughter’s surgery and treatment went well, my two daughters’ attitudes & their faces turned pleasing again, they are now both studying in very prestigious government schools in Japan. For so many years, I am finally living life peacefully, waking up each morning smiling, very grateful. Life is full of miracles.

I’ve lost special moments with my two daughters when they were little kids. I am missing them terribly, especially their younger days. I couldn’t bring back those times. So when I was in Japan, I’ve looked for home-based online business. I don’t want to lose anymore moments with my daughters in the next years to come. So when some people invited me into online business, I easily joined. I invested, but I was scammed by those imaginary gold and coin. Since then, I never entertained any online businesses and I became very irritable with online job ads.

A strange thing happened, while watching music video in youtube, my interest was caught by one Ad from James Hancox. I don’t know why, I felt his sincerity and truthfulness on his Ad and told myself ” why not check it?” So, I subscribed with SFM free video training series. Together with my husband we checked about SFM, and we were both impressed with digital and business education that SFM is offering to everyone. I started to learn digital marketing, I am glad that I took a chance and watched the free video trainings. The insights, tools, and the system are very suitable for me.  An online business that provides trainings that are easy to understand and have been tested for success.  There is also an available 24/7 human or real people support.  It is definitely something that I have been looking for, to learn and earn at the comfort of home with family. I am only two months in the journey with the SFM, but can honestly say that my understanding about digital business has improved drastically, I am learning every day and areas of my life are coming into its right places. 

My aspiration to my journey is to connect with people who relate with my story, who are having same hardships and struggles like I’ve had, to lend and offer a guiding hand towards the possibility for success, be a friend, things just like everything that was offered to me by the SFM community.

This education is life changing. It helped me to take my dreams seriously. The results are very rewarding, having the freedom to spend time with family and friends, learning various digital business opportunities, and be an example to other people to realize and to give importance to their dreams. Never give up! 

To start with life changing opportunities is just a matter of doing your first step. You can do it too, FIRST OF ALL, START TO LEARN THE BUSINESS.

♥My Husband & Me♥

♥With My Daughters♥

If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong–Masaru Emoto

The Secrets of a Peaceful Life

Avoid toxic people, surround yourself with like-mined people

Spiritual nourishment

Learn and then create your own life

My Mission

Is to give information about the importance of learning to be a digital entrepreneur for those who are looking to start earning in  the comfort of our homes, and to create an online business & ideal lifestyle with family and friends. There are various types of business models, from affiliate marketing, selling on Amazon, to freelancing. Many six figure mentors have perfected these business models and the development of the platforms and training for marketing is growing each day. There is plenty of information out there, the hardest part in getting into digital business is: how to start and whom to trust?

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